[Jamiroquai "Virtual Insanity" Theme]
Jamiroquai ThemeJamiroquai Icons

This Jamiroquai Theme includes desktop theme package with special Jamiroquai wallpaper (as previewed on this page).
For updates see Wallpaper section.

Theme also includes icons such as MyComputer, Network and RecyclingBins plus very special Jamiroquai cursors. 

System sounds are taken from "Travelling without moving" CD!

Apart from the desktop theme there is as well special Jamiroquai Startup and Shutdown screens package...

Jamiroquai Screens

[Download by clicking on logo bellow]
Jamiroquai "Virtual Insanity" Theme
(298 k)

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[Jamiroquai Startup and Shutdown Screens]

Startup and shutdown screens which change your original Windows logo(s) with Jamiroquai startup logo(s) and shutdown screens (as seen in the upper right corner)...

[Jamiroquai Icons/Cursors Pack]

This pack includes special Jamiroquai icons and animated cursors based on  Jamiroquai logos, artwork from record covers and Recyclingbins.

Installing instructions you'll find in the readme file, which is a part of the zip file

Jamiroquai Startup&Shutdown Screens (85 k)
Nenad.Net Download
Jamiroquai Icons/Cursors Pack v1.0
(15 k)

Nenad.Net Download

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