a b o u t   N E N A D
I was born on a sunny Friday (at least my parents say so) back in April of 1971.
That week "T.Rex" toped the UK singles chart with "Hot love" (which I have to admit I never heard, at least what I think), while US nr.1 song was by "Three Dog Night" and it's called "Joy To The World" (heard that one... and I still wonder if that song has anything to do with me!?)... If you want to know who was on the top of the charts on the week you were born,
click here (it might take awhile, but you'll get your answer)... 

Since that Friday in April of 1971 I was busy with almost everything in my life... school (was fun), university (even more fun), worked as a radio personality (fun, fun, fun), in a factory (sometimes fun, but mostly not) and then switched to IT at a huge postal company (which was three times fun as well, but with some not so fun periods) and now I am full grown IT(IL)-consultant working here! (...)  

Spare time... hehe, whats that(!?)... trying to spend with my friends and my loved ones...  

Sports: playing all sorts of racket sports, mostly tennis, badminton, squash & a thing callled racketlon. Unfortunatelly the big days are over, so I'll never top the ATP ranking, but hey, I still have fun:) ...and there's always good television sports like football (or in USA soccer), basketball (because it's huge where I originally come from), tennis, formula 1 and lots of other stuff where you can cheer on your fav. team...  

Pets: I own plenty of pets, I didn't name them anything because they have their own serial numbers and can and are usually called Philips, Panasonic, and so on... mostly they are remote controlled, but there's few which aren't, usually a bit older pets... I have lots of fun with them, they don't complain, play when you want them to play... Only problem with them is that they are full-blooded, so to enjoy them, usually it means - you have to pay a bit more... But what you won't do for fun ;)

Music: hmmm... the big part of my little life... goes with pets, have to feed them:) one reason, why I run this site! I enjoy lots of different music styles: from classical to alternative... on these pages you can find clues about my music taste including my favorite artists.   

Computers: well, it all started a few years ago when I woke up one morning and decided to buy one... since then I managed to destroy few of them, but, believe me (what they say is true), you learn on your mistakes. So, I guess, that's why I know quite much about these "technical wonders"... :)

...and much more.
In short: I love to live my so called "analogue/digital" life... and hey, the truth is out there :)
...just waiting to be found.


...the story of my life...
or as the song goes
"counting blue cars"


We count only blue cars
Skip the cracks, in the street
And ask many questions
Like children often do
We said,
"Tell me all your thoughts on God?"
'Cause I would really like to meet her.
And ask her why we're who we are.
Tell me all your thoughts on God,
Cause I am on my way to see her.
So tell me am I very far 
Am I very far now?"
(Dishwalla, 1995)

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